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The Alcohol Minimalist Podcast

Feb 3, 2021

Have you tried taking an extended break from drinking?  Tune in to this week's episode as Molly Watts details the five benefits she is noticing while participating in #Dryuary. 

There are scientific reasons that taking a break is good for you and Molly shares both science and her own experience from January's successful month off alcohol. 

Molly discusses her own journey and why taking a break in the beginning was not something that she even considered and why doing it now has proved so beneficial. 

Reason #1:  You'll sleep better.

For more information alcohol and sleep visit: American Sleep Association: Alcohol & Sleep

Read Alcohol Explained for more on how alcohol affects your sleep. 

Reason #2: Your Liver will thank you.

Reason #3: You'll Have Reduced Anxiety

This is covered extensively in Alcohol Explained  and was very noticeable in Molly's experience during Dryuary. 

Reason #4: You'll Have more Time and Energy

Reason #5: It allows you to really evaluate your drinking habits 

This episode references the Live HAPPIER Longer podcast episode #6 on the science of sleep and Alzheimer's prevention. 

Live HAPPIER Longer Episode #6

For more information on Dryuary or to sign up for 2022, visit

More information on moderation can be found at