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Breaking the Bottle Legacy-Change Your Relationship with Alcohol

Apr 7, 2021

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This week's episode I'm talking all things moderation with Mary Hickey Reid, Executive Director or Moderation Management. 

Moderation Management is a lay-led nonprofit dedicated to reducing the harm caused by alcohol. It's guided self-help to help you moderate your drinking and restore balance in your life.  It's a wonderful community with lots of different options for engaging from private forums, online meetings and an active Facebook group where people can find the support that suits them best. 

Moderation Management believes in sharing stories to help each other learn.   Mary and I talk about her own history, and some of the moderation strategies that have helped her. 

We discuss how the stories we tell ourselves create our feelings to take better actions. 

Moderation Management offers suggestions and recommendations on how to change your relationship with alcohol.  Mary says Moderation isn't the easier choice, abstinence is simpler.  Moderation requires mindfulness and a plan. 

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